A Journey Through the Elements

By: Monica Crank

In November, I submitted a sculpture to be shown in the Journey of the Elements exhibit held at Stevenson. Fashion Design students were tasked with designing a sculpture consisting of elements from nature. The first step was to develop 100 sketches to determine the final design. Then I worked with putting my elements on a dress form. My sculpture included pinecones and feathers. To create a soft and subtle look, I added tulle (a lightweight fabric). I thought a lot about my color scheme. I felt that by using hues of pink, white, and neutrals, it would show a sense of balance. The texture and placement of feathers helped me to achieve the fragile look I envisioned. Overall, I was very satisfied with this project as it challenged me to achieve my distinct design by using alternative materials. This was a great experience as I joined my classmates in displaying original designs throughout the exhibit.