Corrine - Fire  Natania - No Leaves  Ariel - Bugs Eye

Last night our students presented their nature inspired sculptures in the Manning Academic Center Gallery, "A Journey Through the Elements," at their gallery reception! 

                  Gabby - Dandelion     Cori - Volcano

During the Fall 2018 semester, Stevenson University’s course Concept Development in Fashion Design focused on three-dimensional draping and its relationship to the human form. Students experimented with the elements (i.e. line, shape, and color) and principles (i.e. balance, proportion, and movement) of design to expand and then hone their design skills. The draped sculptures in this exhibition inspired 100 “looks,” which were then whittled down to the collection of 10 fashion renderings that accompany each sculpture.

Anna - Water  Tali - Leaves  Monica - Found in a tree

The exhibit will be on view from Sun., Nov. 11-Fri., Jan. 11. We encourage everyone to come check out the amazing work of the junior class!

                   Rashad - Vines and Moss    Alex - Gardens

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