By: Cindy Jean

Every year Stevenson University holds an exhibit showcasing the work of our students. This past month Lacy Dejordy, a fashion design student at Stevenson, had her photography accepted into a special on campus exhibit entitled Beauty Inc, and I had the pleasure of interviewing her.

What was the most challenging part about creating this piece?

Probably just coming up with the concept for it. Once I had the concept for it, it was easy from there, but it took a lot of thinking to try to actually figure out what I wanted to do, and what I wanted to say.

What was the concept?

So I wanted to do a transformational piece and show the transformation from not in drag to being in drag and kind of that whole emotional and personal process. The concept then kind of changed a little as I got accepted into the beauty exhibition; it kind of became more of a journey toward finding your beauty and exploring different parts of your beauty.

What tips and advice can you give to people who want to study photography or interested n that field?

Just start doing it. You can’t really learn if you don’t do it. Just keep practicing. The more pictures you take the easier it will become.

How did it feel to have your photography in the exhibit?

It was really awesome! This is my first experience with photography, and I hadn’t done anything before this so getting accepted into an exhibit was pretty crazy for me.

How do you know when your pieces are complete?

I think when I see it and I don’t want to change anything else, I think it’s complete.

Is there a common theme to your photography?

It kind of depends on the project but I’m very into photographing people. I’m not super interested in still life or landscape photography or anything else. It’s much more interesting to me if the person is the subject. So that’s pretty much the common theme in my photography, people.

What was your inspiration behind this piece in the art exhibit?

Drag was the initial concept and then the project that it was for was called “a day in the life” and I was supposed to create a series that kind of showed a progression of someone throughout the day or some kind of process. I kind of just changed it into showcasing the process of putting on makeup and coming into drag.

*Images are the photos featured in the beauty exhibit from Lacey Dejordy*