By: Gabrielle Hatcher

When you consider what being backstage at a fashion show is like, you may think hectic, a lot of scrambling, rushing, and running to get into garments, and it is definitely all of those things! However, on the other hand, the experience is a mix of high energy, fun, and organized chaos.

After many sleepovers − yes, I said sleepovers − and long nights in the fashion studios, I finally finished my seven garments for Stevenson University’s Spring 2018 fashion show. I volunteered to work backstage at the fashion show, which consisted of arriving early to assist with setting up the runway, steaming all of the garments, and helping models into their first look they were wearing in the show. All of these things were the calm before the storm! Once the show starts, it is very fast paced, models changing while they are on the way to the runway, helping other models that are struggling to get into garments, and clothes are scattered everywhere. It can be a little overwhelming, but there is a huge cooperative effort, and everyone helps one another.

When the show is over, it is very gratifying for all of the designers to walk out on the runway and see the amount of people and families that came to support us. I was also shocked to find out that I had won one of the awards in show for “Best Garment Construction” and was able to walk the runway with one of my models that was wearing a tailored suit that I designed and constructed.

Being a fashion design major is undeniably a large amount of work, but it is worth it in the end. A sense of relief and pride comes over you when you see your completed garments come down the runway. It was truly the most satisfying experience I have ever been apart of, and I would encourage everyone in a fashion-related major or minor to experience volunteering at the fashion show!