By: Rana Kurban

           I am a junior in the fashion design program at Stevenson, and I volunteered as a Child Model Coordinator for the fifth annual show, Fashion Expressions.  I was in charge of making sure all child models were in the assigned room before and after the start of the show. As part of my duties, I also helped the child models with dressing into their next outfit for the show.  

           Working behind-the-scenes was an awesome experience as I got to help with getting the models ready (i.e. makeup and wardrobe). Dressing the models within a three-minute timeframe in the middle of the show can be the craziest minutes of one’s life. In that three-minute timeframe, you have no idea whether your garment would fit on the model or if the garment will rip. Fortunately, there were no mishaps, models were dressed accordingly, and all the duties on my part as Coordinator were fulfilled.

            Like any fashion show, this year’s fashion show served as none other than remarkable. Every year, new designs are showcased and talent is exceeded beyond wild expectations.  As I gradually approach my last and final year as a student in the fashion design program, I am grateful to be part of an amazing community and doing my best in whatever I do.  Most of all, I cannot wait to see where my major and life takes me down the road.  I will also be presenting my own senior collection in next year’s show as a designer!