The English Showcase was a success! Students’ families and friends came out to support them at the last English department event of the semester . . . and decade. Course research posters were set up in the back of Rockland Banquet. Patrons enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and beverages as students presented their posters.

N Nguyen’s poster for Dr. Aaron Chandler’s course ENG 332: Advanced Critical Approaches to Literature really caught my attention as it was the only one that focused on a videogame. N analyzed how music in the MOTHER: EarthBound videogame series incorporated Cartesian dualism theory. N decided to do the project on a videogame since they are an underrepresented medium in literature research. It wasn’t until after learning about Cartesian dualism that N noticed the theory at work in MOTHER. Jordan Mitchell’s ENG 332 poster was on rapper Meek Mill’s latest album Championships and how he used the African American vernacular tradition signifying to discuss his life while also critiquing racism and the oppressive judicial system in America.

Helmed by Dr. Amanda Licastro, the ENG 401: Major Author course took a closer look at Margaret Atwood’s works this semester. A lot of students presented on how Atwood wrote dystopian stories with female characters placed in very rigid roles and reflected on how that’s still very similar in the world today.

After the poster presentations, Bailey Rafter, Katelyn Heidel, and Amber Deter presented on their internship experiences. Bailey primarily aided the School of Humanities and Social Sciences Dean Dr. Cheryl Wilson with digital marketing. Katelyn interned as a production editor at a medical books’ publisher in Baltimore. Amber was a SEO Writer at The Oxford Club in Baltimore . . . and was offered a full-time position after graduation! Congratulations Amber!

We ended the night cording Morgan LaMonica for English honor society Sigma Tau Delta and celebrating seniors Amber, Morgan, and Jen Steward with gifts.