Anyone who likes to create also struggles setting time aside to actually sit down and do it. This is a problem from writers especially. Writing takes a lot of time, focus, and peer work that many of us just don’t have time for on any given day. But here on campus The Greenspring Review has budgeted out some of that time for students. Yesterday The Greenspring Review hosted their Spring Semester student Write-In.

These Write-Ins give students the opportunity to work on creative writing pieces they’ve already started, start new pieces, play with prompts, and get peer feedback on their work. Yesterday’s session was hosted by the Greenspring Review’s Chief Editor Audrey Diggs and it was a very successful! Audrey brought in fiction and poetry prompts and lots of snacks for over a dozen students. These writers were from all different kinds of majors. We met in the Owings Mills Library between 3:00 PM and 5:00PM to work on our writing. Some even continued working past 5 at the Book Club meeting that followed the Write-In.

Experiences like these are great for all students, especially at this point in the term as projects pick up speed. Opportunities for unbridled creativity and comradery in a non-judgmental space are what give our brains a break and an edge for later projects. Even if you don’t think you are a good writer or that you aren’t creative enough I highly, highly, highly recommend attending one of these Write-Ins next fall. You won’t be disappointed.