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Bailey Rafter is a junior English Major and transfer student. She is a member of the University Singers choir.


SummerWith summer just right around the corner you’ve probably already began daydreaming about all the awesome stuff you’re going to be doing! But if you’re anything like me, if you don’t have plans you end up doing absolutely nothing and wasting your break away inside on your phone....


As the term finally comes to a close, we now have the chance to look back at all our hard work. This is the time for celebrating at a department showcase and nervously looking at your grades on Blackboard, calculating how badly you can fail that one exam and still pass. Or is that last bit just me? Regardless, during the last few weeks and especially finals week we get to reflect on the best and worst parts of the semester. This act of reflection was particularly on display at the London Study Abroad Website Presentation on Wed, May 8.

Over the spring break students from ENG 225 and ART 305 left the United States and traveled to London, UK for eight days. During that time the students curated information, photos, writing and other forms of media to bring back to the States and be used in the creation of an interactive travel website for public access. This website was completed and presented to the university and Office of International and Off-Campus Study on Wednesday May 8that 3:30PM in the Claire Moore Room on Owings Mills campus.


The presentation was a total success! Each student had the opportunity to explain their portion of the website. All students were required to design their own page and talk about their experience of the trip. Everyone did a wonderful job speaking about their trip experiences but two of the more memorable parts of the presentation came from Samantha Salvemini and Kelly Schwager. During the presentation, Samantha spoke about the new and old aspects of London City, but the coolest part of her section of the website was that she produced a short film of herself and fellow student, Victoria Doda, telling their stories of getting meaningful tattoos while abroad. One aspect of the website Kelly chose to produce was the itinerary page. She walked the guests and her fellow students through the events of the London trip. This not only immersed the viewers in the experience but brought back strong memories of the trip for her peers.

The experiences shared by the students and faculty that went on this trip will clearly stay with them for a very long time and this celebration brought everyone together to learn and reminisce. Congratulations ENG 225 and ART 305 students on a beautiful website and all your other hard work this term.


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As much as Stevenson focuses on personal growth in academics and leadership skills we are also encouraged to take those skills out into our community. Whether it be through the internships we choose or Greek Life students are thrust into the world and asked to help. This semester two classes of English students have taken this spirit of service a step further and brought it into the classroom and succeeded....


We often talk about campus-life events hosted by the English Department, but it’s rare we shine any love on events hosted by other groups at Stevenson. It’s not that we don’t participate or appreciate the time and effort it takes to put them on but as this is the English Department Blog it should be pretty self-explanatory why we don’t. But, today we are going to explore one really cool recent event hosted by the Center for Diversity & Inclusion....

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On Monday April 1st, English, Art, and Science students stepped back in time to the age of the printing press. At this semester’s Poetic Table students and faculty came together to write and print their own poetry via letterpress....

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