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Make them love you more. Tech companies love English majors: make them love you even more. Put your words and ideas to work with a professional minor in Software Design & Coding, opening doors to emerging careers in Gaming, Virtual Reality, Digital Publishing, and Creative Entrepreneurship.

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Bailey Rafter is a junior English Major and transfer student. She is a member of the University Singers choir.



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As much as Stevenson focuses on personal growth in academics and leadership skills we are also encouraged to take those skills out into our community. Whether it be through the internships we choose or Greek Life students are thrust into the world and asked to help. This semester two classes of English students have taken this spirit of service a step further and brought it into the classroom and succeeded....


We often talk about campus-life events hosted by the English Department, but it’s rare we shine any love on events hosted by other groups at Stevenson. It’s not that we don’t participate or appreciate the time and effort it takes to put them on but as this is the English Department Blog it should be pretty self-explanatory why we don’t. But, today we are going to explore one really cool recent event hosted by the Center for Diversity & Inclusion....

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On Monday April 1st, English, Art, and Science students stepped back in time to the age of the printing press. At this semester’s Poetic Table students and faculty came together to write and print their own poetry via letterpress....


Anyone who likes to create also struggles setting time aside to actually sit down and do it. This is a problem from writers especially. Writing takes a lot of time, focus, and peer work that many of us just don’t have time for on any given day. But here on campus The Greenspring Review has budgeted out some of that time for students....


Have you ever wanted to travel abroad? You, as a student, can travel abroad by yourself or with classmates through the office of International and Off-Campus Study. This spring break, I will be joining the ENG 225 class, Writing Through Experience, as they study abroad in London....

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