I never know how to start these things. Do I want to start by saying “Good Morning”? I’m currently writing this to you at 11am, but I’m also fully aware that some of you may be reading this in the afternoon or evening. Should I welcome you to “Another Fall Semester! Yaaay!”? I mean, the semester is almost half way over, we are about to go on fall break and I’m not going to lie to you with exaggerated excitement for the 9-10 weeks. So, I was thinking, I should probably start with my name.

My name is Bailey Rafter. I am a junior English major here at Stevenson University and I am one of your new student assistants to the English Department. I am also a member of the University Singers choir here on campus. I transferred into Stevenson last spring, and I can honestly say it was the best choice I could have made. I used to attend Johnson and Wales University as a Culinary Arts and Food Service Management major but found my passion in English. I have always loved theater and poetry but English was the last career path I thought I would take. My father has been an English teacher for the last 20+ years and I never thought for a second that I would follow in his steps. I was told about Stevenson by my best friend, and upon meeting the professors I had made my choice. My focuses gravitate towards the literature and writing sides of English and it is my goal to one day work in a university setting.

I’d like to think that my goals for this year will be a little easier to manage. Over the course of the next two semesters I want to share with you guys all the ridiculously cool things the English Department is hosting and has been invited to, and hopefully get you all to come have fun with us. We are all very lucky to have the opportunities we do through Stevenson, and when we can get involved and have fun at the same time it’s even better. The English Department not only wants to tell you about what we have done through these blogs, but, by combining them with social media, get all our fantastic students and their friends to come join us for the events themselves. Events where you will be able to meet speakers, connect with each other, learn about cool new things in the English world and celebrate our old favorites.

I am very much looking forward to this ride and I hope you all will climb on this bandwagon with me and see where it leads us. Best of wishes.