If you’re a Halloween nut like me you would have really enjoyed the Halloween Open Mic night hosted by the Greenspring Review. The event was held in the main room of Ratcliffe. The smell of coffee from Jazzman’s and the afternoon sun allowed for the perfect atmosphere for reading and listening.

Audrey R. Diggs, the Editor-in-Chief, organized and ran the event drawing in students, not only from the English major, but from majors like psychology and theater as well. Sporting her poop-emoji cat ears she opened the event with the first spooky story reading. This kind of event allows for an interesting peek into the reading and writing preferences of different types of students.

Students read creepy stories and personal pieces aloud for the group. English major Lanett Bagley read a publicly available short psychological horror while another student read a personal poem she composed during this past summer. While the audience members held on to each word, savoring the suspense, they munched on seasonal candies, snacks and everyone took a set of vampire teeth. I think I can speak for everyone who attended when I say that we hope Greenspring Review will host more of these Open Mic sessions throughout the year. Definitely an afternoon I look forward to repeating!