English minor and Theater major Tiffany Ko’s poem “Time Comes” appears in the 2019 edition of Maryland’s Best Emerging Poets, an anthology published each year by Z Publishing, which is based in Wisconsin.

According to Ko, her selected poem meditates on “the relationship between beauty and time by describing a dying flower.” She wrote the poem in Dr. Aaron Chandler’s ENG 326 Poetry Workshop in Spring 2019. She explains that “the inspiration came from a small pail of dried flowers that sat on the top shelf of my desk.” The poem was originally conceived as a Shakespearian sonnet, but Ko chose to revise the poem away from the sonnet form for the anthology.

Two English students have previously been chosen for the anthology: Mollie Shaeffer’s poetry appeared in the 2018 edition and Kayleigh Marinelli’s work was selected for the 2017 volume.

Tiffany explained that she first heard about the anthology when the press reached out to her based on the quality of her work published in the Greenspring Review. “They encouraged that I submit to their poetry anthology..and got back to me about 3 months later about my submission status.”

The anthology is available at the Z Publishing website and at Amazon.