Meet Michael Stabile, an SU English major completing a very cool internship. Detail-oriented, meticulous and driven – Michael is a model student with a deep passion for learning and a determination to succeed. That determination and passion have served him well this semester in his internship at Bancroft Press.

At Bancroft, a general interest small press publishing company located in Baltimore, Michael has proven and sharpened his editorial skills. He described how he edits texts “like a laser” with a swift turnaround time and a fine eye for detail, something his supervisor has noticed and commended. Michael told me that the internship at Bancroft, “has enabled me to grow as an editor and in the working world in general.”

In my sit down interview with Michael, I asked him some questions about himself, his studies at Stevenson, and his internship:

Why did you choose to major in English?

My original major was Early Childhood Education, but when I was in the classroom from 8 – 12 once a week, I learned I did not like dealing with the three-year-olds as much as I thought I would; I had trouble getting them to master each lesson and keeping them in control. I have always loved reading and writing, so when I switched to English, I was much happier.

Which English course did you like the most?

Of the English courses I liked the most, I’m going to go with Journalism II. I got to write my own obituary, learn how different newspapers handled one historical event, and hone my persuasive writing skills in my assigned articles for the school newspaper. Plus my professor was very willing to help.

How would your professors describe you?

My professors have described me as detail-oriented, hardworking, and honest in my willingness to admit when I have an opportunity to grow or challenges I have faced in classes.

What has been your most rewarding experience studying at Stevenson University?

Apart from the more obvious academic skills I learned at Stevenson, I am very grateful for the chance to have gained some close friendships with Stevenson students. The other members of the English Club and I have always gotten along, and my being a co-editor for Spectrum and for This prepared me for my internship and to negotiate my values with others’ while editing and evaluating submissions. Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru) is the club where the people I’m closest to at SU are. We get to discuss topics that would not be discussed elsewhere, or at least in a way that isn’t discussed in many other formal clubs, and to grow in faith.