Josh Petrone, intern at Sudbrook Magnet Middle School, created a school-wide scavenger hunt focusing on Social Studies.  

The objective of the hunt was for students to have fun while gaining knowledge about individuals who have made an impact on society both past and present. The scavenger hunt was technology-based; therefore, students used a device and application that can read QR codes. In collaboration with his school mentor, social studies teacher Michael Girard, Josh selected twenty different people - some well-known and others more obscure but who have made important contributions to society – to create a diverse selection of individuals for students to investigate.

Josh embedded a photograph of an individual into a QR code and pasted the code to a document. Above the QR code, he wrote a hint to help students figure out who the person might be. At the bottom of the page, a second smaller QR code lead led students to a form with answers. The scavenger hunt pages were pinned up in the hallways of the school. The goal of the scavenger hunt was to scan the codes to see which students could lock in twenty correct answers first.

This activity offered students a break from regularly scheduled academic tasks to have fun yet engage in a learning challenge.