Six Education Majors presented the findings of their Classroom Inquiry Self-Studies at the 2019 Paul D. Lack Scholars’ Showcase on March 29 at the Manning Academic Center at Stevenson University.

Early Childhood Education majors Samantha Pickett, Katie Dowd, and Marie Murphy presented a poster on their collaborative study, “How to Improve the Sight Word Recognition of Kindergarten Students?” The three interns used Lesson Study as the basis for their intervention, helping kindergarten students improve their sight word recognition.


Middle School Education Math and Science major Christina Endy presented, “Comparing the Diverse Learning Needs of Middle School Mathematics Students.” Her study focused on strategies for teaching English Language Learners (ELL) in her eighth grade mathematics classroom, including a student with an IEP and 504 plan and a student identified as gifted and talented. Through implementing strategies such as chunking assignments, extending time, providing opportunities for repetition, translating symbolic mathematics into English, color-coding, and providing verbal instruction and materials in addition to written materials, the students responded positively and their performance increased.


Middle School Education Math and Science major Tijuana Crosby-Jordan presented a poster entitled, “How Can We Develop and Support Students’ Use of Mathematical Modeling to Make Sense of Mathematics in Context?” When employing the modeling cycle in lessons, students communicate mathematically, preserve through problem solving, and attend to precision. This study of 21 seventh grade students found that mathematical modeling tasks increased student participation and engagement, developed confidence and a positive outlook about mathematics, and helped students achieve at higher rates.