Chemistry and Biochemistry News

Bisma Mahmood, Senior Biochemistry Major, worked as quality assurance intern at the Maryland State Police Forensic Sciences Division (MSP-FSD) in Pikesville, MD. Under her mentor, Theresa DeAngelo the Quality Assurance/Safety Manager, she documented Reports of Non Conformances (RONs), Witness Evaluations, and Technician Evaluations. In addition, she aided in the preparation for FSD’s ANAB Surveillance Review and Intern Audit documentation. She completed a project focusing on researching and creating a presentation for Employee Wellness and QA Effectiveness for the laboratory.

While at MSP, Bisma was treated to a behind the scenes look of how case files and reports go through the process of identification and problem-solving. Also, she was able to observe all the different units and how they function: biology, controlled drugs and substances, toxicology among others. She was really suprised at the amount of hard work that goes into ensuring information is correct, instruments are functioning properly, and how everything must abide to the Quality Assurance manual.

Several of our Adjunct Faculty were recognized at a honorary luncheon this week for their long standing service to Stevenson:

20 Years: Howard Schindler- Chemistry/FSCI

15 Years: Damon Burman, J.D. – FSCI

10 Years: Dr. Jason Kolowski- FSCI, Dr. Barry Levine- FSCI

Biochemistry Senior Andrew Powell worked at Green Analytics, an independent medical cannabis testing laboratory in Columbia, Maryland, where he conducted different biological and chemical tests on medical marijuana to ensure its safety. Drew was suprised at how easygoing the lab was and he enjoyed running the different lab tests, such as streaking plates for the isolation and testing of various bacterial contaminants. Drew is interested in a career in forensics, and is currently enrolled in the BS to MFS program.