Chemistry and Biochemistry News

Dr. Ward and Anna are working up a reaction product.

Morgan and Kourtney came over from Biochemistry to measure a reagent.

Dr. Harrell and Jasmin are setting up a column

The chemistry faculty and students are hard at work most afternoons in the shared research lab. Just across the hall, the biochemistry integrative lab is running, and students are in and out, selecting chemicals to use in their self-planned research projects in that course. All this activity makes the lab a busy and collaborative space. When students are waiting for steps in their experiments to run, there are eight computer workstations where other course work can be completed.

We recently visited biochemistry graduate Janice Laforteza (center) (BS ’15), who spent the summer before her senior year as a Quality Systems Intern at the Living Legacy Foundation, the Organ and Tissue Procurement Organization for the state of Maryland and the region. Janice was hired full time at LL after her internship as a Donor Services Coordinator, and now gives back as a mentor to current Stevenson students. The generous supervisors at the Living Legacy can provide internship opportunities for many different undergraduate majors. Science and math capstone students interested in completing an internship at the Living Legacy should contact Michelle Schwartz (right), the School of the Sciences Internship Coordinator.

The American Chemical Society Club challenged Faculty in sand volleyball last Friday afternoon. The students were beaten soundly, but will host a rematch later this fall. The games were played on the university’s beach volleyball courts just across the Dell Family Pathway from the Fine School of the Sciences.

We recently visited biochemistry graduate Mandie Combs-Bosse (left) (BS ’15), who spent the summer before her senior year in an internship at AthenaES, under the supervision of Dr. Sheldon Broedel (right). Her project involved optimization of media formulations for protein expression in bacterial systems. Results of her research helped to refine the manufactured formulations that Athena provides to researchers. She made such an impression during her time there that she was hired full time after graduation and is still employed there, and now serves as a mentor to Stevenson students. Dr. Broedel has given generously of his time to mentor many Stevenson science students at his company and continues to do so. Capstone students interested in completing an internship at Athena should contact Michelle Schwartz (middle), the SOS internship coordinator.

The American Chemical Society Student Club held their first meeting of the academic year last Friday in the Manning Academic Center. The student club, which is open to students of any major, has been the top club at Stevenson for the past two years. The club has also been recognized by the national American Chemical Society organization, having most recently been honored for the 4th year in a row with a Commendable Award for the 2016-2017 academic year. The Club meets bi-weekly for fun activities, food and even some events with faculty. Look meeting information on the School of the Sciences Facebook page under “Events”.