Chemistry and Biochemistry News

Students had a great time today dressing up for Halloween! Here are some of our favorites:

Biochemistry senior, Michele Collingsworth, Schrodinger’s cat

Biochemistry senior, Nicole Heil, Ms. Frizzle

Biochemistry junior, Chris Zaykoski, Backside attack in an SN2 reaction.

Brian Swing (BS Chemistry 2012) wanted to be an intern at a food science company for his Senior Capstone Internship. Brian worked at Fuchs North America, a custom seasonings manufacturer in Owings Mills. He was offered a permanent position after graduation. Brian is now a senior R&D lab technician at Fuchs and loves working there!

Congratulations to Biochemistry Senior, Alicia Greene, for winning the Founder’s Day Selfie Scavanger Hunt Challenge. In order to win the contest, Alicia needed to take a least four selfies at various locations on both the Greenspring and Owings Mills campuses. Her selfies included a picture with someone reading The Villager, a picture with an SU Security Guard, a selfie with Victory and a selfie wearing a Villa Julie shirt. Alicia’s prize included 2 tickets to the Baltimore Ravens game on November 1st, 2 Backyard Bash passes and $200. Congratulations Alicia and keep showing your Stevenson pride!

Students from Mrs. Payne’s Honors General Chemistry class decked the halls of Knott Hall in honor of National Chemistry Week. This year’s theme – Chemistry Colors the World – was the topic of the posters each student had to complete. Each student was to choose a topic that showed the connection between chemistry and color. Some of the posters featured topics such as fireworks, why leaves change colors, chameleons, gemstones and hydrangeas!

This year, the theme for National Chemistry Week is Chemistry Colors Our World. This theme focuses on the chemistry of dyes, pigments, food colors, rainbows and fireworks. The ACS Club kicked off National Chemistry Week celebrations by making tie-dye artwork with household ingredients, including almond milk, soap, and food coloring. Students got to show their creative side on how chemistry colors our world!