The National Communication Association convention, held this fall in Dallas, Texas, includes presentations from several Business Communication faculty members as well as the department chair.  According to the NCA's website, there were more than 4,200 submissions organized into over 1,100 convention sessions, including the following from Stevenson.

  • A presentation entitled "Post-Racial? Nigga Please! Conversations About Race in the Classroom," with Dr. Heather Harris, Dr. Deric Greene, and Dr. Nadene Vevea presenting.
  • A session entitled "A Credo for Ethical Small Group Communication -- an Ethnographic Case Study of a Long-Term Virtual Department," with Dr. Leeanne Bell McManus presenting.
  • A presentation entitled "Faculty in the Halls: Relevance in Application Through an Out-of-Class Communication Experience," by Dr. Leeanne Bell McManus, with associate professor Chip Rouse as a co-author, in a session called "The Legacy and Relevance of Communication Pedagogy."
  • Drs. Harris and Bell McManus will also be presenting during the convention's legislative assemblies.
  • Drs. Harris and Greene will also chair other sessions during the convention.

Congratulations to these communication scholars whose work will be shared with hundreds of participants!