Congratulations to business communication rising junior Alyssa Maher, who has written for the Odyssey Online blog about her experience choosing a college. “My Current School Was Not Always My Number One School” chronicles Alyssa’s decision and the impact it has had on her success.

Though she was set on another university, a visit to Stevenson changed her mind and her life. Alyssa writes,

Being here I have done so much and accomplished so much. I have joined so many clubs, met so many new people, got over my fear of public speaking, lost 50+ pounds, changed my whole life style, gained so many leadership positions, accomplished so much academically, and have had so many amazing opportunities and experiences that have truly made me grow as a person. Stevenson is a small school, but that is what is great about it. Anywhere you walk on campus you’ll see somebody you know. You have the close relationships with your professors and even the staff.

Alyssa is convinced her decision was the right one. Though Stevenson wasn’t always her dream school, it is now. She explains, “Just because something was not your first option doesn’t mean it can’t be the perfect fit for you.” You can read her blog post here.