Members of the Faculty in the Halls program, including three Business Communication faculty members, were on hand to help meet and greet the first-year students as they moved in to Western Run, Patapsco, and Susquehanna Halls on August 25. From left, the Faculty in the Halls pictured included Chip Rouse (Business Communication), Chris Noya (Business Communication), Laurel Moody (Nursing), Romas Laskauskas (Business Administration), Leeanne Bell McManus (Business Communication), and Art Fifer (Information Technology). The group spent the day welcoming parents and first-year students, explaining the Faculty in the Halls program, and handing out chocolate candy to the newest members of the SU community. At right, mentors Noya and Moody greet families as they move in to Patapsco Hall, and offer some information about the Faculty in the Halls program.