The students in adjunct professor Brittany Miller's Event Planning class welcomed guests from Sharper Minds Consultants to class on Nov. 16 in order to present their event pitch, which had been a semester-long project of the entire class. Sharper Minds Consultants reached out to the class to ask for their help in planning an event that would focus attention locally on dating violance and relationship abuse. A candlelight vigil would be a significant part of the event-- hence the candles held by members of the group.

The four guests, seated in the front row, were thrilled with the amount of forethought and detail that the student committees had included in the project presentation. From venue to activities, from props to food choices, the students planned and pitched an event that would succeed in meeting the goals of the organization while still staying within budget.

Congratulations to the students in the class, and to Professor Miller, for their thoughtful and professional presentation for community guests.