From Stevenson University president, Dr. Elliot Hirshman:

To the Stevenson University Community,

Today, as the full impact of the events in Annapolis touch so many people throughout our state, they touch our Stevenson community as well. Rebecca Smith, a Villa Julie College alumna who earned her degree here in 2005, lost her life in this terrible tragedy.

Rebecca was a business communication major who also played as a forward on our field hockey team in 2002. Faculty member Chip Rouse, who taught journalism to Rebecca, remembers her as “an incredibly cheerful and industrious student in the business communication program. She was very outgoing, had a lot of friends, and was always planning some funny kind of event to help build community or raise money for a cause.”

As a community, we honor her memory and offer our deepest condolences to her family, fiancé, and colleagues at the Capital Gazette. You can read more about Rebecca’s life at the Capital Gazette newspaper.

(Photo from the Capital Gazette)