The Communication faculty gathered remotely and, via BlueJeans, spent some time reminiscing with the seniors about their years at Stevenson. The online gathering gave everyone one more chance to talk about their SU memories and hopes for the future. We were grateful for the opportunity to say a brief farewell to the communication majors!

Here’s what many of our students remembered (with thanks to Professor Stephanie Verni for taking notes):

The annual Lambda Pi Eta induction ceremony, with all the faculty and family members present

Presentations at the Maryland Communication Association conference and at the Paul D. Lack Scholars conference

The last Communication BizMix, where so many alumni came back to be a part of the event

Finding my best friends during the first year and then sharing time in the major together

Homecoming celebrations where the faculty cheer us on and alumni are so glad to be back

The First-Year Seminar trip to Orioles Park and the boat cruise on the harbor, when I discovered the real sense of community in the major

Time as a reporter, editor, and editor-in-chief for The Villager, learning what real professional collaboration looks like