Two Business Communication professors were awarded grants at the Faculty Recognition and Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, May 22, 2018. Congratulations to Professors Leeanne Bell McManus and Stephanie Verni!

Professor Verni (left in the photo) who (along with colleague Inna Alesina) was awarded an “Arts Alive” grant that will enable the two professors to examine the interactive connection between advertising and art as they teach during the fall semester. The two teachers collaborated earlier this year as they split teaching duties in a new client-centered course called “The Mill.”

Dr. Bell McManus was one of only a handful of faculty members who received a Faculty Research Grant for the upcoming year. Her work will focus on “Communication Ethics and the Social World.” Dr. Bell McManus’ research into the area of Communication Ethics has produced “Communication Ethics Literacy: Dialogue and Difference,” which she co-authored with Ronald C. Arnett (2017, Kendall Hunt Publishing).