Business Communication majors turned out in force for the first-ever Affinity Reception for the School of Design, held in the Manning Center on the Owings Mills North campus, on Thursday, Oct. 20. We were thrilled to see so many familiar faces, including Ashleigh Wagner Fiorino, Samantha Perillo, Lanie Swanhart, Megan McSwain, Megan Donahue, Will Comotto, Matt Perry, Nick Mamakos, Brandon Scott, Clifton Jones, Liz Brooks, Stephanie Sufcynski, Katie Ballance (unofficial alum), Tonia Cristino, Andy Gepert, Katie Foster and Annie McCoach. They were joined by current students Emma Ragon, Kylie Handler, Julia Cooke, Heather Lopiano and our friend Ellie Verni. The BizComm faculty thoroughly enjoyed the event!