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The Mill Agency

The Mill Agency at Stevenson University provides an opportunity for students to work with clients in a collaborative student-driven environment. School of Design majors interact and work on communication and design solutions to meet clients’ needs while collaborating in an agency setting. Students use design thinking and creative strategies to execute professional solutions through research, discussion, iterative making, and formal presentations. 

Students’ skills are tested when formulating ideas independently and getting valuable feedback from their classmates, clients, and faculty. This class enhances students’ abilities to engage in wide-ranging business challenges and helps students to grow professionally by developing their creative skillset and expanding their knowledge of marketing and strategic communication. 

From writing press releases, contacting media, or curating social media posts to shooting video and designing brands and collateral, the Mill is a full-service, student-run communication agency working with clients in the Baltimore area. Clients have included: Baltimore Greenway Trails Network, BricknFire Pizza, the Eastern Communication Association, the Jewish Museum of Maryland, Stitching Maryland Together, and the University of Maryland St. Joseph’s Medical Center.  

For more information, please contact the School of Design at 443.394.9509.

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