Outdoor fashion brand, Patagonia, is coming to Stevenson University on Oct 21 and Oct 22 as part of their Worn Wear Tour. Patagonia reps will be on the Owings Mills campus on Oct 21 demonstrating how to care for and repair clothing to keep it out of the landfills, and keep it wearable longer.

On Oct 22, Patagonia will give a talk in the BSOBL Courtroom on “Sustainability and Careers” from 11:30 – 2:30 PM.

Dr. Holly Lentz-Schiller, organizer of the event, had this to day: “The generation of students that we teach are savvy consumers who want to make a difference. So many of my students understand that sustainability must be a fundamental part of doing business in today’s apparel industry and no one does that better than Patagonia. From their very core, they are dedicated to corporate social responsibility. “

“When I heard of the Worn Wear Tour, I knew that I had to get them to campus to further educate our students. The Worn Wear Tour educates students on how to repair and mend their garments, keeping them out of landfills. Through this experience, if we help even one person learn about sustainability, keep one piece of clothing in someone’s closet for a little longer, or make a student begin asking simple questions like “who made my clothes?” or “where did my shirt come from?”, we are making a difference” says Lentz-Schiller.

For more info on Patagonia’s Worn Wear program, watch the video below: