Iliyan Slavov
Iliyan Slavov

Business Administration major Iliyan Slavov will begin a semester-long Program Management internship with the World Trade Center Institute on January 30th, 2019. Iliyan was also the recipient of the Geraldine and Sam Dell Scholarship Award in April 2018. He will graduate in May 2019.

Slavov credits his professors at the Brown School of Business and Leadership with assisting him with obtaining the internship. “…they help us build our paths based off their experience, wisdom, and observations about us. In my case, Dr. Leather who is my advisor mentioned the WTCI a couple of times since we started talking about possible internships during the winter of 2018” he said.

To apply for the internship, Iliyan submitted his resume, a cover letter, and answered some short questions before landing an interview in December 2018, and was notified in January 2019 that he was accepted.

As a Program Management intern, Iliyan will be assisting the Manager of the EDGE Program and Client Services and the Assistant Manager of Operations and Program Support. The EDGE program is WTCI’s Emerging and Developing Global Executive Program which has a mission “to cultivate a group of emerging global executives in Baltimore who will ultimately contribute to greater success and growth for Baltimore area international businesses” according to the WTCI website.

Iliyan will also be performing research and analysis on Maryland’s top international companies/industries and strategic alliances, as well as researching potential new sources of revenue for the EDGE program.

“I am very thankful to Dr. Leather – she and I worked closely on this internship application – for all of her help, support, and confidence in me. Also, I am super excited to start this new chapter of my life!” says Iliyan.

Congratulations Iliyan!

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