The Rule of Three

Ashli Glatfelter
Legal Studies / English Minor / Management & Organizational Leadership Professional Minor
Ashli Glatfelter

Ashli Glatfelter will be graduating in December of 2019 with one degree and two minors, including the Management & Organizational Leadership professional minor. With the support of her professors and teammates, she has set herself up for success in less than 4 years.

Ashli Glatfelter’s Stevenson experience can be described using the rule of three. She has pursued three programs of study: a major in Legal Studies with a discipline minor in English and a professional minor in Management & Organizational Leadership; membership in three honor societies; and completion of her degree in three (and a half) years.

Her academic journey at Stevenson took off toward the end of her freshman year, when she officially committed to the Legal Studies program with the guidance of her advisor, Professor Melanie Snyder. The faculty are Ashli’s favorite part of the major: “They value each of us in the major, push us to our limits, and support us in creating our futures.” Through their guidance and support of her as an individual, she has been able to successfully maintain a 4.0 GPA without forgoing her emotional and physical health.

With the encouragement of her advisor, Ashli took classes outside of her comfort zone, which led her to her English and Management & Organizational Leadership minors. “My English minor and Management & Organizational Leadership professional minor have taught me the most about time management but have also provided me with supplemental knowledge and experiences that will give me an edge in furthering my education and in my professional career.”

As she approaches graduation, Ashli has expressed a great appreciation for her Stevenson education.

“Other universities offer internships; other universities have athletics; other universities have great professors. SU, however, combines each of those experiences while providing me a career-focused base. No matter what experiences or events I chose to participate in, I was always able to connect with the aspects would benefit me in my future personal and professional lives.”

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