Stevenson Stories: Teachers of Promise

Each year, Teachers of Promise recognizes and celebrates the best prospective teachers. This year, eight interns from Stevenson University have been named as Maryland’s Teachers of Promise for 2021: Savannah Maisel, Imani Kassembe, Natalie Peckham, Shannon Spencer, Aidan Riordon, Maddie Lentino, Olivia Lewis, and Leanne Metcalf. They have been identified as among the most promising and gifted pre-service educators who plan to teach in Maryland beginning Fall 2021. In addition to being invited to attend the Teachers of Promise Institute, each intern will be paired with an award-winning veteran teacher who will act as a mentor during the transition period from novice to full-time professional educator. This is truly an honorable recognition. Congratulations, Mustangs! Learn more about the Education programs at Stevenson: #StevensonStories

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