Bobby Jackson wants to change the world and is seizing his opportunity to do so as Science Teacher Specialist and CDC Science Ambassador for the Anne Arundel County Public School System. With the goal of using science instruction to empower students to ask questions and solve problems, Bobby is applying the knowledge and skills that he developed as a SUO student to inspire the teachers that he supports.

Driven by a passion for science and education, Bobby has had a vibrant career that has taken him from ophthalmic technician for a retina surgeon to Health Science Magnet Resource Teacher for Baltimore County Public Schools. A graduate of Stevenson University Online with a Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) and Masters of Science in Forensic Science, he is also an adjunct professor for SUO for both programs.

In his new role with Anne Arundel Public Schools, Bobby is responsible primarily for development and implementation of science curriculum for all schools K-12, while providing professional development and support for teachers. See below for an in-depth Q&A with Bobby about his new role and his thoughts on the SUO experience.

Q & A

Question: How did the Master’s in Teaching and Master’s in Forensic Science programs prepare you for this role?

Answer: The Forensic Science program gave me the content and background knowledge to be able to teach upper-level high school science courses like AP Biology and various biomedical science courses. The STEM Masters of Arts in Teaching program taught me innovative teaching strategies and how to implement the new Next Generation Science Standards in the classroom. This led me to a successful career as a teacher. Being an SUO Adjunct Professor for the MAT program then helped propel me out of the class and into leadership roles in which I am guiding and supporting other science teachers in the district, and facilitating science curriculum design, development, modification, and implementation.

Question: What are some goals you hope to achieve in your new role at Anne Arundel County Public Schools?

Answer: Maryland has recently adopted the new Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), where students are required to take the Maryland Integrated Science Assessment (MISA) as the new standardized science test. One of the goals I hope to achieve is to make sure students are well prepared for the MISA. For this to happen, it requires teacher professional development, development of county assessments similar to MISA to help prepare students for it, and making sure NGSS 3-dimensional learning is occurring in classrooms so that students are experiencing inquiry-based and high-level quality instruction.

Question: What is the most rewarding, and what is the most challenging aspect of this job?

Answer: Receiving positive feedback from teachers is the most fulfilling aspect of the job. Whether the input is from providing them a meaningful and authentic professional development session or helping increase their quality of instruction is always rewarding. Time availability is the most challenging aspect of the job. Having to visit elementary, middle, and high schools, while also working at the Board of Education and getting my tasks done, there can be a challenge, but still rewarding.

Question: Who or what inspires you?

Answer: New teachers who are so enthusiastic and wanting to better the lives of students really inspire me. Their personalities and attitudes are so contagious and I want to make their first school years as positive and rewarding as possible.

Question: What are three tips you would give to students entering the Masters of of Arts in Teaching and Masters of Science in Forensic Science program to be successful?


  1. Go into the programs with the mindset of wanting to learn and gain new knowledge, not just come out with a degree.
  2. Time management is key. It’s better to get assignments and tasks done earlier rather than wait until 1-2 days before they are due to complete them.
  3. Always reach out to professors with questions or concerns. All, from what I have experienced, are quick and easy to reach, and always willing to assist.

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