Natalia Young, a Master’s in Nursing Education student who graduates May 2021, is a Registered Nurse II at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore (Sinai). She works full-time nights as a bedside nurse in the Progressive Coronary Care Unit. All her patients are on continuous telemetry monitoring and require specialized cardiac care. Additionally, she frequently runs, charges, and precepts new hires.

After high school, she was undecided about a career and was looking into a few potential paths, but nothing presented itself as the obvious answer until she took Anatomy and Physiology I and II. After completing these courses, she realized how much she appreciates human science, the intricacies of the human body, and the challenge of identifying and subsequently fixing medical problems. Given her passions, nursing was the “natural professional choice for [her] to follow.”

As a caregiver, she is motivated by the patient in the bed in front of her. Natalia loves knowing that she is in a position to ease patients’ physical and emotional traumas and to leave a lasting impression on their lives. In response to these virulent times and the accompanying restrictions on hospital visitors, she has taken a proactive approach in advocating for her patients to ensure that they continue to receive only the highest degree of care. “I am motivated to give my all because I know it means everything to my patients.”

Natalia elected to complete a Master’s in Nursing Education from Stevenson University Online (SUO) because she was certain that it would develop her professionally while guaranteeing a proper work-life-school balance. After reading about SUO in a work email regarding advanced education opportunities and the partnership between SUO and Sinai, she surveyed friends and neighbors who had experience with Stevenson. She noted that the consensus was that “everyone at Stevenson is so supportive and genuinely interested in your individual success.”

Having nearly completed her Master’s in Nursing Education, she has “learned a tremendous amount that is easily applied to the work [she does]. From advanced pathology and pharmacology to advanced health assessment, there is so much that has opened [her] eyes to the greater scope of nursing, and there is so much [she] constantly applies to [her] work.” She believes that pursuing an online degree enables students to achieve their academic aspirations, regardless of their personal or professional situations. Personally, Natalia worked full-time and had her third and fourth children while diligently striding toward her master’s. “I could not have earned my master’s if not for the opportunity offered by SUO.”

In a statement reflecting on National Nurses Week (May 6-12), she said, “The work we do is deeper than any words can tell. We are givers in the truest sense. May we all take a moment to appreciate the people we work with, those we learn from, and those who we are. Happy Nurses Week!”

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