Monika Piccardi, BSN, RN, MS Alumna, MS in HCM Program & Nurse Consultant, Administrator III (Program Chief Systems Development), Prevention and Health Promotion, Maternal Child Health Bureau, Office for Genetics and People with Special Healthcare Needs, Maryland Department of Health

Monika Piccardi has over 16 years of experience with the Maryland Department of Health – It’s easy to observe that she’s invested as much into the agency as they have in her. However, as she advanced in the department in various positions, she realized that she needed to “up her game” to break into senior management positions.

Monika recognized that Stevenson University Online’s Healthcare Management Master’s program was her opportunity to develop the skills needed to be an effective leader. Upon graduation from the program, she was able to immediately utilize the knowledge gained from her program, including:

  • A high-level understanding of the healthcare business

  • Ability to discuss fiscal concerns and concepts

  • Understanding of IT and database needs for her programs

  • Capacity to analyze and translate health policy

Notes Monika of the program, “It helps put the puzzle pieces together so you can be an effective manager or leader.”

In her current role with the Department of Health, Monika is responsible for making sure that the needs of the public are being met by government programs and that there is support and integration with health, community providers, and community-based organizations. Ultimately, Monika hopes “that the systems [she helps] put in place make it easier for those families and their children and youth with special healthcare needs get the resources and support they need the live their best life.”

Choosing to pursue a master’s degree while juggling a full-time job and family isn’t always easy. However, the online option offered Monika the support she needed to balance her work, two school-aged children, and spouse whose work as a firefighter/paramedic requires flexibility. With the support of her instructors, Monika was able to complete her coursework (and get good grades) even when on an international trip. For adults who are interested in starting the program, she says, “go for it.”

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