Graduate assistantships can help to deepen your educational experience while defraying the cost of your graduate studies. Graduate assistants (GAs) at Stevenson University work an average of 20 hours a week in a 16-week semester and in return receive a tuition waiver and a working stipend. GA positions are available in a variety of departments such as Academic Support, Student Affairs, and Stevenson University Online. Continue reading to learn how our current graduate students are making the most of their time at Stevenson.

Austin Swingle
M.S. Healthcare Management
Graduate Assistant – Stevenson University Online

“I applied to be a GA because it offered a unique opportunity to continue my education, gain valuable work experience, continue to play my last season as an NCAA ice hockey player, and take the next step in fulfilling my professional goals. Although my responsibilities vary almost daily, I am often tasked with maintaining and updating Blackboard information, editing course material/layouts, assisting students with the IS-135 course, and even working student orientations. I think the GA program has prepared me for my career in several ways. It has allowed me to learn how to work independently while accomplishing numerous tasks. It has also helped to elevate my sense of time management and organizational skills.”

Caroline Izzi
M.S. Communication Studies
Graduate Assistant – Office of Student Success

“I applied to become a graduate assistant because I needed support in financing my education. Being a GA makes me feel connected to the campus community while taking classes online. In my GA role, I help prepare materials and organize logistics for what initiative, meeting, event, or presentation my supervisor has going on that week. The department utilizes my writing and design capabilities to create promotional materials and I also research and write policies based on the university’s needs. My GA position and master’s program have prepared me for my career by challenging me to produce quality content while balancing multiple projects.”

Shayne Stockslager
M.S. Digital Forensics
Graduate Assistant – Office of International & Off-Campus Study

“I became a GA primarily because I thought it was good to have an internship position while completing my master’s program. My primary responsibility has been to act as the main point of outreach for students interested in a Study Abroad program. I am also responsible for getting the word out about the benefits and experience that you gain from going abroad as a part of your college education. Overall, my time here working again at Stevenson was a way to give back to the campus that has given me so much. This GA position really allowed me to prepare for the professional world and to sharpen my career goals.”

Bhavneet Athwal
M.S. Forensic Science
Graduate Assistant – Academic Affairs

“I applied to become a GA for a couple of reasons. First, there is obviously the tuition coverage that is always a great help. Also, I felt that this would be a great way to stay connected with the Stevenson community and be able to give back. In my GA role, I work on a variety of projects including researching various academic programs at different universities, handling confidential information, and performing general administrative tasks. The GA position has given me a different experience in handling confidential information which is extremely important in a lot of future careers. The master’s program has given me experience and knowledge in the field of forensic biology that I feel I am well equipped to enter into a forensic career.”

Graduate assistantships can provide you with networking resources, a quality work experience, and the ability to learn from others in your field. The range of positions available means that you can tailor your experience to match your interests. Stevenson University continues to seek qualified candidates for our open graduate assistant opportunities. Learn more about our current positions at /human-resources/.