In honor of Forensic Science week, we are featuring a recent Forensic Science alumna, Elizabeth “Liz” Elliott. Liz was able to secure a position in the competitive field of forensic science as a forensic toxicologist at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner after graduating in May 2016. She credits the resources at Stevenson University Online for preparing her for her current career. We had the opportunity to ask her about her experiences in the Forensic Science program:

Did anything stand out during the Forensic Science program that surprised you?

I liked how you could choose different “tracks” of coursework. For example, if you wanted to focus more on DNA then you would choose the Biology track. As for me, I wanted to become a toxicologist so I selected the Chemistry track. You could even choose a combination of two tracks if you so desired. Along with your track work, you are required to take the core classes. This allows you to obtain an overall understanding about forensic science while focusing on your specific track, so you can become a well-rounded forensic scientist.

How did the faculty and staff help you reach your educational or professional goals?

The Program Coordinator, Jay Tobin, Ph.D., really goes above and beyond for his students. It is obvious that Dr. Tobin cares about each of his students and wants every one of us to be successful. I had a difficult time coming up with a thesis that would fit into my busy schedule. He worked with me and we both found a thesis that worked not only for my schedule, but that piqued my interest as well. Through any rough patches, Dr. Tobin was always there to support and guide me in the right direction. His words of encouragement and knowledge helped me to become the forensic toxicologist that I am today.

In what ways has your experience at Stevenson had an impact on your career?

Stevenson offers a challenging and rewarding forensic science program that has had a tremendous impact on my career as a forensic toxicologist. You not only learn how to become an excellent forensic scientist, but you also learn the core values of being a forensic scientist. Forensic science is more than just science, it is also about ethics and morals. This program molds you into an ethical forensic scientist that is prepared for a lifelong career in the forensics world.

Congratulations, Liz!
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