Obtaining a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree is a significant milestone for registered nurses who aspire to advance their nursing education and careers, as well as acquire specialized skills in the field. Earning an MSN degree is a popular and beneficial choice, however, not all RNs hold a Bachelor’s in Nursing (BSN) degree. Although, having a BSN is the traditional pathway to earning an MSN.

Is it Worth Getting an MSN Degree?

Whether or not earning a Master of Science in Nursing degree is worth it depends on an individual’s career aspirations, financial considerations, and personal circumstances.

An MSN degree can open up opportunities for advanced practice nursing roles, leadership positions, and even teaching or research positions in the nursing field. For example, an MSN can provide valuable knowledge and skills to enhance the practice of nurses who are passionate about patient care and want to take on leadership roles. Additionally, an MSN can lead to higher salaries and greater job security in many cases.

However, pursuing an MSN degree requires a significant investment of time and money, and it may not be necessary or beneficial for all nurses depending on their individual circumstances. 

Ultimately, whether or not it is worth getting an MSN degree will depend on a careful consideration of individual factors. It is important for each individual to carefully evaluate their own career goals and personal and financial situations when considering whether or not to pursue an MSN degree.

Is it Better to Get a BSN Before an MSN?

A BSN degree provides a strong foundation in nursing practice and theory, as well as essential skills such as critical thinking and leadership. These skills are all necessary for success in an MSN program.

Obtaining a BSN degree before an MSN can also provide RNs with a greater range of career opportunities and higher earning potential. Many healthcare organizations and employers prefer or require RNs to hold a BSN degree, and some positions may only be available to BSN-prepared nurses.

Additionally, many MSN programs, including the program offered by Stevenson University Online, require applicants to hold a bachelor’s in nursing degree or to have completed certain prerequisites in nursing and related fields. Earning a BSN before pursuing an MSN is widely considered the better choice for those seeking to advance their nursing careers.

Do Hospitals Require a BSN?

While it varies from hospital to hospital, some healthcare organizations and employers do require their registered nurses to have a BSN or Bachelor’s in Nursing. This requirement may depend on the specific position or unit within the hospital, and may not be uniform across all roles. Additionally, some hospitals may have a preference for BSN-prepared nurses, but do not necessarily require it.

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