Dr. Sharon Buchbinder, R.N., Ph.D. Program Coordinator, SUO, Master’s in Healthcare Management and Bachelor’s in Business Administration

Dr. Sharon Buchbinder has a passion for sharing knowledge. She has dedicated a large portion of her 40-year health care career to doing just that. She considers herself an educator first and an administrator second. So, it should come as no surprise that she takes pride in bringing real-world experience into the classroom.

And it’s obvious she walks the walk, as her Master’s in Healthcare Management graduates have a 100% employment rate. Dr. Buchbinder attributes this success to a number of factors:

  • A competency-based program

  • Employer expertise

  • Annual internal and external assessments of our program

In Dr. Buchbinder’s own words: “We never stop our pursuit of quality in our program.”

This is more important now than ever as COVID-19 has affected the healthcare industry. And most of her students currently work as healthcare professionals. She says, “The healthcare industry and its employees are being crushed by the pandemic. We see our front-line staff getting sick, and in some instances, dying. Healthcare workers are burned out. Everyone is working to the point of exhaustion.”

Dr. Buchbinder is also aware of the mental strain the pandemic is putting on her students and colleagues. So mental health is something she makes sure gets addressed. “Employers must keep in mind that distracted, stressed workers make mistakes. From a bottom-line perspective, taking care of mental health makes good business sense. It must be part of every organization’s risk management strategies.”

The Healthcare Management team is acutely aware of the pressures their students face. In order to address the impact it is having on class performance, they work with SUO Student Success Coaches to offer support. Dr. Buchbinder says, “This support can take the form of a phone call, an online session, an assignment extension, or any other option that eases the strain.”

This support culminates each year at graduation, which Dr. Buchbinder refers to as her “Super Bowl.” Above all, she aims to make sure her students to that “they are the future of healthcare, the change we need.”

Dr. Buchbinder’s passion for sharing her experience isn’t limited to the classroom. She’s proud of her accomplishments as an author. She’s published six textbooks with a seventh currently in the works. Her scope of work continues outside of the healthcare industry, as she has also published thirteen romance novels.

Earlier this year, Dr. Buchbinder shared her expertise in online learning in a webinar for Jones and Bartlett Publishing. View the webinar and read her tips for creating an effective online learning environment here.

Stevenson University Online’s Master’s in Healthcare Management Program ranked #5 nationally among 30 No GRE Master’s in Healthcare Administration Online Programs 2021 by Best Online Colleges.