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Healthcare Management

Develop Business and Leadership Skills for Healthcare 


With the expansion of the nation’s healthcare sector and the demand for qualified professionals in all areas of healthcare administration, Stevenson’s Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management prepares you for successful careers in healthcare administration and business. The major is designed to give you the knowledge, skills, and technological competence essential for today’s healthcare administrators: 

  • Conducting research, analyzing, and interpreting healthcare data 
  • Managing business practices that ensure the effective delivery of high quality healthcare services 
  • Communicating and presenting effectively to build successful teams and processes  

The B.S. in Healthcare Management draws on Stevenson’s dual strengths in business and healthcare education through its Brown School of Business and Leadership and Berman School of Nursing and Health Professions. The major provides a strong foundation in healthcare administration and includes courses in accounting, finance, healthcare management, healthcare marketing, economics, healthcare information systems, healthcare regulations, and ethics and law. 

You will develop a deep understanding of the nation’s healthcare environment and be prepared for professional success in this expanding field where business acumen and management experience are key: 

  • Health insurers 
  • Hospitals and medical centers 
  • Physician and specialty practices 
  • Ambulatory care centers 
  • Rehabilitation and long-term care 

The Brown School of Business and Leadership

Stevenson’s Brown School of Business and Leadership is committed to preparing tomorrow’s business leaders today—in the classroom, through exceptional co-curricular experiences and opportunities, and through the personalized mentoring for which Stevenson is known. From finance, accounting, and business administration to marketing, healthcare, and digital transformation, the Brown School positions you for professional success in the new economy—regionally and globally.

School of Business

Why Choose Healthcare Management?


Make a Difference Serving Others
You will help to manage and improve healthcare delivery, fulfilling an important role of service and healing for thousands of individuals.

Career Opportunities and Growth
The healthcare industry is on pace to become the largest job sector in the U.S. economy. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 32% job growth over the coming decade, exceeding the national average job growth (7.7%).

Excellent Earning Potential
Depending on education and experience, healthcare managers have excellent earning potential with a median annual salary of $94,500, much higher than the average median annual salary of $36,500.

Skills and Knowledge Useable in Other Industries
The top common skills in healthcare management job postings include business administration, communications, project and team management,   leadership, and operations. All of these skills are all built into our Healthcare Management program curriculum and are transferable to related industries and other business sectors.


Study Healthcare Management at Stevenson



The courses listed below are required for completion of the bachelor’s degrees in Healthcare Management. Students must complete a total of 120 credits, which includes the Stevenson Educational Experience (SEE) general education requirements and 21-25 credits in electives. 

General Education Requirements  
FYS 100: First-Year Seminar 1 Credits
ENG 150 or ENG 151: College Writing I 3 Credits
ENG 152: College Writing II 3 Credits
Communication Intensive (CI) 3 Credits
Humanities (HUM) 3 Credits
Humanities (HUM) 3 Credits
Humanities (HUM) 3 Credits
Humanities (HUM) Recommend PHIL 215, Ethics 3 Credits
Scientific Reasoning (SR) 3 Credits
Fine Arts (FA) 3 Credits
Program Requirements  
ACC 140: Financial Accounting 3 Credits
ACC 141: Managerial Accounting 3 Credits
BIO 112: Principles of General Biology or BIO 113: General Biology I (SR-L)+ 3 Credits
BIO 113L: General Biology Lab (SR-L)+ 1 Credits
BIO 322: Epidemiology  3 Credits
CHS 220: Diversity and Cultural Competence 3 Credits
CMH 210: Introduction to Community Health (SS)+ 3 Credits
EC 201: Principles of Macroeconomics (SS)+ 3 Credits
EC 202: Principles of Microeconomics  3 Credits
EC 355: Health Economics  3 Credits
MATH 136: Introduction to Statistics (QL)+ 4 Credits
MGT 210: Business Writing (WI)+ 3 Credits
HCM 208: Healthcare Ethics and Law 3 Credits
HCM 212: Healthcare Information Systems 3 Credits
HCM 310: Theories and Practice of Healthcare Management (WI)+ 3 Credits
HCM 311: Health Insurance and Managed Care 3 Credits
HCM 312: Managing Healthcare Personnel 3 Credits
HCM 313: Healthcare Financial Management 3 Credits
HCM 314: Healthcare Organizational Behavior  3 Credits
HCM 400: Professional Skills Development 3 Credits
HCM 417: Healthcare Management Internship 6 Credits
Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities 

  • Ambulatory care centers 
  • Budget analyst 
  • Benefits administrator 
  • Compliance specialist 
  • Health insurers 
  • Health information and records administrators
  • Hospitals and medical centers 
  • Patient advocate
  • Physician and specialty practices 
  • Rehabilitation, residential, and long-term care 
  • Social and counseling services
  • Wellness and health services and consulting
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