Senior Capstone PercyPledge
December VCD graduates focused on sustainability for their Senior Capstone exhibition

Students, faculty, family and friends gathered for the opening of this semester's Senior Capstone exhibition, Sustainable Action. Graduating VCD students Reagan Anderson, DJ Evans, Amber Hare and Derek Loan each created campaigns focusing on aspects of sustainability, including recycling, reusing materials, and composting. Through posters, social media, and other methods of engagement, they collectively worked to create an overall awareness of our effects on the environment and proposed ways to improve our impact.   

The exhibition is on display in the School of Design Gallery on Owings Mills North. Be sure to stop by to see the efforts of these hardworking students!

Senior Capstone Exhibition
DJ Evans upcycled wooden palettes to inspire others to find a new purpose for reusable materials

Senior Capstone PickUp Challenge
Amber Hare's Pick Up Challenge encourages participants to pick up trash in their everyday surroundings

Senior Capstone Percy the Pelican
Reagan Anderson's Percy Pledge, featuring Percy the Pelican, promotes the use of reusable bags by focusing on the harmful effects of plastic ones