The AVCD Class of 2019.

Get to know the Class of 2019!

1. Vaniah placed third in a tennis tournament.
2. Alexandra’s name is in the credits of a video game. She got to do quality assurance testing.

3. Carlie has two tattoos.
4. Melissa does not like chocolate.
5. Angie has never eaten chocolate in her entire life.
6. Kaelyn lives on a Christmas tree farm.
7. Leah lived on a Native American reservation for ten years.
8. Stephen’s favorite movie is Jurassic Park.
9. Young already knows what she wants to do! She wants to be a video game designer.

10. Bin speaks more than one language.
11. Corin is awesome at carpentry.
12. Aja had spinal surgery because she was born with scoliosis.

13. Twenty-one Pilots is Alex’s favorite band.
14. Destiny is engaged.
15. Kalin never brushes her hair, yet it somehow still looks great!

16. Jessica owns chickens.
17. Sarah has four dogs and four cats.
18. Piper thinks he might have a new allergy to fruit.
19. Carrington only writes in cursive.
20. About 80% of Bri’s things are in pink.
21. Mike played ice hockey for twelve years.
22. Zachary knows sign language.
23. Hailey eats chicken tenders almost every day.
24. Andre was born in Jamaica.
25. McKenna works in a pottery shop.

We look forward to getting to know all of you better, and welcome to Stevenson’s Art and Visual Communication Design Department.