Students conduct visual research at the Metro Centre with Professor Elena Volkova

President of ArchPlan, Inc., Klaus Philipsen, visits class for a project brainstorming session

Students in VCD 310: Communication Design III are exploring design scenarios for the future of the Owings Mills Metro Centre. They are challenged to envision the area as a college town and vibrant cultural center, and must create an identity and supporting materials based on their visions.

The project kicked off with an on-site visit to the area with Professor Elena Volkova, where students took photographs and conducted interviews to spark some ideas. Back in the classroom, they looked at maps, made sketches, developed personas and brainstormed possible scenarios with visitor Klaus Philipsen, the President of ArchPlan, Inc. Philipsen has over 35 years of experience in transit facility design and transportation planning and he provided the students with key insights for possible solutions to the challenge.