On February 28th, D. Watkins, author of The Beast Side: (Living and Dying in Black America), visited Stevenson University. During his visit, he taught a Master Class for  ENG 281 Street Poetry and ENG 152 Freshmen Humanities Cohort.  


Following the Master Class, a select few English Majors attended a luncheon where they sat down and asked D. Watkins about any questions they had. Students asked questions about his book as well as advice for writing. One of the questions in particular dealt with having difficulty finding your voice and your audience when writing. D. Watkins responded with,


“It’s the mentality that you need to have. You need to do it. You want to do it. You have to be the best. If you work hard at becoming the best you can. If you are the best at Fantasy, you work hard on that then you will get your following, and guess what, all of these people are trying to talk about race and things like that. If you do your job right they will try to understand why you write the way you write.”


To finish off his visit, D. Watkins read for some of the Stevenson University students at Rockland. Senior English Major, Shawna Thomas, introduced D. Watkins with a beautiful introduction. D. Watkins read excerpts from his books, The Beast Side: (Living and Dying in Black America) and The Cook Up. After the reading, students asked questions and the Diversity of Inclusion Committee passed out 20 copies of his books. Afterwards Students were able to get their books signed by D. Watkins as well as enjoying the food.