In anticipation of Eileen Myles visit (September 29, 5 p.m. @ the Blackbox Theatre), I wanted to talk about one of her poems which I think is particularly cool, namely “An American Poem,” a sassy, playful statement of personal identity. My favorite lines from this poem are:

“How high is your rent?

If art is the highest

and most honest form

of communication of

our times and the young

artist is no longer able

to move here to speak

to her time…Yes, I could,

but that was 15 years ago

and remember—as I must

I am a Kennedy.

Shouldn’t we all be Kennedys?”

Here’s a video of Myles performing the full poem. Enjoy!

Want to hear more of Myles awesome poetry? Don’t miss out on her visit to Stevenson September 29 5 pm at the Blackbox Theater.

Until next time, this is Marc Kohlman signing off!