On January 31st, English majors Hannah Humphries and I showcased our Global Game Jam game, “Lost Radios,” along with Film and Moving Image major, Adrienne Civetti, at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). We presented our game in front of representatives of the International Game Developer Association–Baltimore Chapter, as well as students from MICA and other area universities.

“Lost Radios” was one of the many Global Game Jam games that were presented that night. The event itself served to celebrate the hard work and effort put into creating video games and to allow players to test them out. It was honestly so much fun getting to see everyone’s take on the “Transmission” theme.

For example, there was one group that created a game using Dance Dance Revolution mats. The goal of the game was to get your bee through a maze in order to reach the hive before your opponent. The catch was that you could only see the maze for a few seconds before it cut away, and using your memory you had to tap on the arrows on the mat to move your bee.

Overall, the whole experience was a great way to network with people who all shared the same passion for video games.