Professor Meagan Nyland’s ENG 325 Creative Writing class read their original Halloween or spooky season themed short stories at the Spooky Stories event. It was free and students were encouraged to bring guests.

The School of Business Library was packed and cozy. Halloween decorations were scattered all over. Students and faculty sat in armchairs or atop blankets on the floor. Light refreshments like Chik-Fil-A nuggets and candy were available on a long table.

Around 6:15pm when the crowd was well-fed and comfortable, Professor Nyland introduced the stories as “funny, traditional, modern, thought-provoking, and scary.” For their stories, students were inspired by dreams, historical traditions like those of the Scottish druids, abstract concepts like how hysteria distorts reality, and triggering sensitive topics like sexual assault. Students who read their stories were supported by classmates and friends cheering them on. Some students performed their work as they read passionately, spoke in different voices as their characters, dressed in costume, or added sound effects.

After half of the class read, there was a ten-minute intermission, allowing students to eat and socialize a bit before the second half. There was a contest where students had to guess how many Tootsie Rolls were in an IT cup and at the end of the night, the winner guessed the exact number and won the cup and candy!

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