The English Club hosted its first Open Mic Night of the fall semester on September 24th. It was located in Ratcliffe Community Center on the Owings Mills Campus and hosted by our own Colleen Harrison. It lasted for about two hours. There were snacks and refreshments offered to everyone who came out to be entertained with and by us and there were many fabulous and surprising performances that night as well.

Some people sang songs, including gospel, modern music, and even a song that the performer wrote himself. Many students showcased their instrumental and vocal talents which blew the audience away with each performance.

There were also many poems and jokes read, spoken words performed, and even stories read that were written for academic purposes, but were nonetheless entertaining, exciting, and informative.

The point of all Open Mic Nights at Stevenson is not only to showcase talent and to entertain audiences but also to show the true nature of Stevenson itself. This nature is one that cannot be duplicated by any other school. The students of Stevenson University are not only book smart, but also have immense talents that go beyond the classroom. Open Mic Night gives those students a chance to show off those talents, whatever they may be, within a healthy judge-free zone and gain praise for their courage to share with others.

This Open Mic Night was extremely successful and it seemed as though, after the first couple of speakers were finished speaking, students couldn’t get enough of the mic. Some people performed multiple times and the audience equally could not get enough of them as well. We are thankful to all the people who came out and shared this day with us.