The English Club attends Oedipus Rex

By: Kelsey Hamilton

English Club celebrated this year’s Friday the 13th by going to a showing of Oedipus, which was held in the Greenspring Theatre. The show started at precisely 7pm. From the moment we stepped into the theatre, the actors were fully in character and pacing throughout the theatre, making creepy gestures. It really amped up the audience for the show.

The show was well put together. The actors used the entire theatre, not being confined to the stage, so it accurately portrayed the creativity that went into the directing of the show. There was a screen on stage that periodically showed images of nature, but also blood and gore, with dynamic music coming from all directions when they would rapidly change.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the story of Oedipus, it is a play whose plot revolves around a certain prophecy that a king’s son would kill the king and marry his mother. All the precautions, no matter how horrid that may have been, were taken, but in the end, the prophecy still came true.

On stage, the play was performed well and I encourage everyone to read the play and see it performed. If you like the strange and unusual, you will not be disappointed with Oedipus.