Those were some of the words on the magnetic tiles used to construct poems for the Wild Life: Poetry for the Planet event that was on Monday, October 28 in the School of Design lobby.

The event was held to honor Campus Sustainability Month, where colleges and universities celebrate and engage in sustainable practices. Students from Literature, Writing, and Science courses contributed words related to the environment for the large magnetic poetry board.

The event started promptly at 5pm. A table of snacks occupied the corner of the lobby by the stairs. The small lobby was teeming with students and faculty building poems on the magnetic board, easel, and table. Laughter, conversation, and epiphanies for poems circulated in the air. Overall, the vibe matched the temperature inside: warm.

Some of my ENG 287 Street Poetry (I highly recommend this class) classmates hovered over a circular white magnetic table deliberating on a poem that they were composing. The guys challenged themselves to only use the “rejected” magnetic tiles and to not write on any of the blank magnetic pieces to create their poem. Here’s what they came up with:

There were two rounds of poetry-building. The poems were creative, abstract, and thought-provoking. Some students even included cut-out images to enhance their poems.

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