Hi everyone! Marc Kohlman back again with the word on what’s new in the English Department.

Many of you are fans of Edgar Allan Poe’s vivid poetry and terrifying stories, I’m sure. I’m also sure that you’ll be as amazed as I was to learn that the English Department’s own Kathy Brown is the current president of the Edgar Allen Poe Society.

Professor Brown, who has been a member of the Poe Society for about twenty years now, shared with me some thoughts about both the organization and her position in it. From her perspective, the presidential position isn’t terribly demanding, since it is largely ceremonial, but that does not make it any less of an honor. When the Society’s secretary and treasurer, Jeff Savoye, offered her the position, Prof. Brown gladly accepted.

One of the Society’s oldest traditions is to leave flowers on Edgar Allen Poe’s grave each year on his birthday. I asked Professor Brown how she felt about carrying on the tradition, and she told me how humbled and honored she felt about participating in it. For her, “the flower-laying was the best part of the day.”

For those interested in joining the Poe Society, Professor Brown explained that membership is easy. Simply go to Poe’s grave the first Sunday of October at 1 pm, and tell Secretary Savoye you want to join. Members do have to pay reasonable fees for guest speakers’ transportation and events the society sets up. If you’re a fan of Poe and love his work, please consider joining.

A special thanks and congratulations to Dr. Kathy Brown for speaking with me. For the English Department, I’m Marc Kohlman! Stay tuned for more exciting news.