First Year Seminar (FYS) is a class all students at Stevenson take their freshman year. Students have mixed reactions to FYS, but they could get behind spending a Friday afternoon serving the community. And that’s exactly what the combined FYS class of English, History, Theatre, and Interdisciplinary majors helmed by Dr. Laura Snyder did at the annual Mustang Make A Difference Day (MMADD) on Friday October 4, 2019!

On Friday, the temperature hovered in the 70s and the sun shone all day. Minus the relentless wind, it was a good day to serve. One requirement for FYS students is to serve at Mustang Make A Difference Day. When tasked with finding a service activity to do at their table, these students decided to make treat holders for dogs. When I asked why they decided on the activity, they said, “Someone suggested dogs, so we were like ‘yeah we like dogs.’ Why not?” History major William said they also decided on the activity because it would be “quick, fun, and crafty for people to get involved” in at the event. Gathering the materials was a group effort. English major David said that the preparation was “tedious.”

Students made the treat holders by cutting slits into paper towel rolls, filling it with dog food, then folding it closed. They decided on the treat holders because it would be an “interactive toy for the dogs” at the Baltimore Humane Society. One of the students who lives nearby volunteered to drop off the treat holders.

Overall, Warren, Interdisciplinary major (combining Biology and Forensics) said the event was “more rewarding than fun.”